Monday, November 22, 2004

Broom County

I am 28% Broome County!
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Saturday, November 06, 2004


Today, I decided to take Andrew to the Discovery Center. We invited Theresa Boyer and her three kids, Asher, Emma and Judah to come along. Unfortunately Greg couldn't make it because he was rabbit hunting that day.

The Discovery Center is a children's learning center that's sort of a museum-turned huge play-area. It's really cool, and has stuff for all age groups starting at probably 9 months or so up through around 12 years old.

All the kids loved the water room, which has big tubs of soapy water, bubble making equiptment and water/bath toys, as well as a huge, plexi-glass encased fish pond. It was the first room we hit when we got there, and we could hardly get them all to move on and check all the other stuff out!

There was this tunnel that had shelves behind windows with all kinds of interesting things in it, but Andrew was the most interested in the large, hollow, plastic "stones", which he threw all over the place, nearly hitting a two-year-old girl who had come over to play with them too -- good thing I was right there! =0

Another highlight of the day was the kid-sized Giant supermarket (a popular chain in this area), complete with plastic fruits and vegetables, and real (although empty) Milk cartons, cereal boxes, etc. Andrew thought that the fruit and vegetables were balls to throw, Judah (three weeks younger) headed straight for the milk, filling his little shopping cart with that, while Asher and Emma (4 and 3) perused the store thoughtfully and then tried to get the register and conveyer belt to work. Andrew also really liked the register; there's a stepstool next to it for short people like him, and all the keys are locked so they make a satisfying "beep" no matter where you strike.

Andrew had an outstanding time with his little friends, and they all fell asleep in the car on the way home. Andrew was so tired that he actually stayed asleep while I transferred him to his crib and continued to nap for another two hours! We will definitely go again, and this time we'll make it a full family event with both Pat, Theresa's husband, and Greg.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Homebirth Explained

Why would you?

This article outlines some of the basic reasons why, once again, I am choosing to give birth at home.