Monday, February 27, 2006

Sandwiches, everyone likes 'em, sandwiches. *

I always assemble sandwiches for Andrew without the top bread, because, what's the point?
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Have you ever seen such cuteness?
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The third little guy is Monkey, Andrew's very good friend, who just moved away on Friday. =(
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* If you are not familiar with this quote, you'd better brush up on your Ghoti Hook trivia. Whoever can name that song will receive special recognition in my next post on top of the fact that you'll know you're cooler than anyone else.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Fire hat

As promised, here are pics that go in a set with the ones in the previous post.
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Andrew's fire hat is always in hand. It's cheap plastic from the fire department in Watertown (we toured it with the moms group), and is cracking all over. I have the pattern for a knit and felted wool fire hat, which I'll probably have to get started on soon. It wouldn't do to be caught hatless!
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Today when we came home from the gym, there was a huge tractor trailer moving van (truck?) outside, moving some neighbors out. The workers looked friendly, so I asked if we could explore the truck. They agreed. Andrew spent about 20 minutes of sheer ecstasy running the length of the trailer, feeling the tires and getting his hands all blackened with dirt. Elijah really wanted to crawl around and eat things, but that, of course, wouldn't do.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Wow, it's been a while since my last update, and this time you're really not going to believe why. I'm in the knitting Olympics, so for the most part, the only extra stuff I can fit into my day is knitting and blogging about knitting. Sounds insane? Yes. But click >>>HERE<<<. There are over 4000 knitters participating.

The concept is this: we all "declared" our project before the regular Olympics started, and then cast on during the Olympic opening ceremonies. The goal is to finish before the flame goes out on February 26th. It is essentially a competition against ourselves, or our own "best time". I chose to knit my first sweater, along with Sarah D. Go to our blog and cheer us on!

Anyway, I mostly keep my knitting life and family life separate blog-wise, but I figured that I'd just let you all know what's up lately.

This was taken a few weeks ago. There were some shots of Greg and Andrew too, which I'll post in a few days.
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Precious sleepy boy.
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I had some thoughts about chicken, but I'll save that for another post. Elijah is fussing and there's knitting to be done.

Friday, February 03, 2006

feeling better...

Since Elijah has four teeth now, I decided it was probably time to start brushing them. Here he is trying it out for the first time. He thought that the brush felt nice, but once I put toothpaste on it, that was just plain disgusting.
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I've been feeling very sick for the last few days, and just today am starting to feel normal again. On Wednesday one of my friends here called me and heard that I was sick (dry heaving and all that good stuff), so she brought over chicken soup and fruit salad for dinner. I think that is truely one of the kindest things someone has ever done for me. Lydia is so thoughtful.

Just a few minutes ago two of the maitanence guys from our complex office showed up to check our electric stuff. Of course I'm still in my pajamas and slippers with a bandana and glasses. Ugg! Also, of course my fuse box is also in the laundry room, which currently smells exactly like Sick Baby Laundry. Oh goodness. These things happen. At least the house was otherwise tidy and my bed was made.