Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Fire hat

As promised, here are pics that go in a set with the ones in the previous post.
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Andrew's fire hat is always in hand. It's cheap plastic from the fire department in Watertown (we toured it with the moms group), and is cracking all over. I have the pattern for a knit and felted wool fire hat, which I'll probably have to get started on soon. It wouldn't do to be caught hatless!
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Today when we came home from the gym, there was a huge tractor trailer moving van (truck?) outside, moving some neighbors out. The workers looked friendly, so I asked if we could explore the truck. They agreed. Andrew spent about 20 minutes of sheer ecstasy running the length of the trailer, feeling the tires and getting his hands all blackened with dirt. Elijah really wanted to crawl around and eat things, but that, of course, wouldn't do.


Gracie said...

I miss you guys. I can't wait to come up again and see you. I'm pretty sure I'll be coming up with Joy and the boys.

Love you all

Sarah said...

did you buy those pants or make them? like father like son... very cute!