Thursday, January 19, 2006

The curious ways of Greg

Greg will try anything multiple times, even if his experience with that flavor or food is bad every time. He hopes he will learn to like each new thing that is brought to the table. After many tries in many different settings in the past 4-1/2 years of marrage, here is the running list that I have to keep in my head of things that Greg, even after many tries, just doesn't like these ingredients or dishes:

Chicken on the bone (but loves chicken soup and chicken based soups)
White chicken meat
Lima beans
Brussle sprouts
Tomato based soups (although he likes tomato soup)
Nuts in things, especially baked goods (although he will occasionally enjoy a main dish with nuts in it if the crunching doesn't disrupt too many of his bites. He likes pesto with pignoli nuts.)
Artichoke (unless it's the canned, pickled kind)
Apples (unless they're baked, but not in a pie)
Pie (or anything with pie crust)
Any ice cream besides Edy's Dreamery Vanilla (only available in pint-sized -- you should try it, it's that good)
Pears with skin on (the skin makes his teeth sticky)
Soda, esp. cola (although he'll occasionally enjoy a good quality root beer, cream soda or black cherry)
Bananas that are not mostly green
Yogurt (although he's starting to come around a little with that one)
Wine (except one super expensive white [name unknown] that a General bought for him one night at dinner)
Beer (he'll give it another go in Germany though -- we've heard it's a whole 'nother world of beer there)
Lemon (hints of it in a dish is fine. Lemon bread is not.)
Cinnamon candy (although he likes real cinnamon in/on stuff, including savory dishes like in Greek and Indian food)
My mom's honey whole wheat bread (which I make, and haven't met anyone else in the world who doesn't love it)
Cake (even pound cake!)
Dried Coconut (he likes coconut flavor, but hates the texture of coconut flakes)
Pancakes (but loves crepes)
Bacon (loves turkey bacon though)
Steak (too troublesome with all the cutting and the chewing)
Cottage cheese (although I've whirled it in a blender as part of casseroles and he thought it was good all together, and he does like cheese curds)
Squash (except summer squash and zuccini, and then mostly only when I make it)
Sweet potato/yams
Pizza (except Jonathan's and sometimes mine)
Cookies that are hot from the oven
Parmesan cheese (although he likes Romano)
Bleu Cheese
Brie Cheese
Hot tea (except Chai)
Sweet tea
Candy (he'll spring for the occasional reeses pieces or jelly bellys, but only likes them right then in the moment after he buys them -- doesn't like to keep them around)
Also, he only likes to eat dessert "on his own terms". Meaning, only if he thought of it/made it/wanted it first.

For those of you who have actually stuck with me here and read through the massive list, you may wonder if he'll eat anything at all. The wierd thing is, he does enjoy many, varied foods -- just not those. =)

Also, for those of you who've just decided never to have us for dinner, don't dispair. Greg will almost always eat whatever is set in front of him. And he'll probably never tell you if he thinks it's bad. =)


sarcy said...

Hey! You're still kickin'!

I feel you on cohabiting with a gentleman of discriminating tastes. ;)

I don't think I can make a post-holiday visit to Georgia. How about a springtime one?

Mom2Zoey said...

Wow, that is a lot of stuff not to like. I do agree with him on a few though like nuts, beer,cantalope, sweetpotatoes and coconut. How can you not like chocolate or ice cream though?
How are you guys doing otherwise? We haven't heard much from you in awhile. I sent you an email, not sure if your checking it though. We are all great! ~Alicia

love -joy- peace said...

Wow. Just, wow.