Friday, March 10, 2006

I'm Back...

It's been a while since I've posted anything, so here I am. Several weeks ago, Faith posted about all the foods I dislike. Here is a list of the stuff I do like. Bear in mind that this list is not all inclusive, but includes some of my favorites. Also, if an item is listed with a specific name or recipe, it means I have committed hours of research and taste-testing to come to that conclusion. Not that I’m a culinary snob or anything. So, in alphabetical order, here they are:

Banana Pudding (Mom’s recipe is the best)
Blue Berries (only plain, not cooked into anything) (the wild bush in my parent’s front yard is the best I’ve ever had)
Boston Lettuce / Callamatta Olive / Artichoke Heart / Romano Salad
Buttermilk Biscuits (Faith’s recipe is the best)
Caleb Roselle’s Baked Ham
Chicken & Biscuits (The ladies of the Warren Center community building make the best)
Chicken Soup (Jo Roselle makes a killer recipe)
Concorde Grapes
Crème Brule (L’Adour, Jimmy’s Harbour Side, or Hannah Roselle make the best)
Crepes (The Joy of Cooking’s recipe is the best)
Dewy Meadows Light Amber Maple Syrup
Dewy Meadows Maple Cream
Edy’s Dreamery Vanilla Ice Cream
Greg’s Balsamic Salad Dressing
Greg’s Smashed Potatos
Hebrew National Hot Dogs
Hershey’s Vanilla Milk Shakes
Hummus (Faith’s is the best)
Imported Hard Cheeses (ie. Gruyere, Manchego etc.)
Indian Food (in general)
Italian Food (not so much the Americanized stuff, but real, Italian dishes)
Jelly Belly Jelly Beans (Cappuccino, Strawberry Cheese Cake, Watermelon, Coconut, Buttered Popcorn)
Jonathan Roselle’s Pizza
Jo Roselle’s Chicken Soup
Jo Roselle’s Pot Roast
Lobster Bisque (Jimmy’s Harbor Side and Seldom Blues’ recipes are the best)
Kettle Corn Popcorn (Orville Reddenbacker’s is the best)
Kozy Shack Rice Pudding
Kraft Macaroni & Cheese
Pene ala Vodka (Faith’s recipe is the best)
Potato- Leek Bisque (Faith’s is the best)
Rawdatain Mineral Water (Kuwait)
Reese’s Pieces
Sam Roselle’s Spaghetti Sauce (Faith’s version is the best)
Seafood Bisque (Mom’s recipe is the best)
Straw Berries
Thai Food (in general)
Vanilla Milk Shakes with rainbow sprinkles
Vietnamese Food (in general)
Zapp’s Cajun Dill Potato Chips



Jill Darling said...

So do I win an award for great cooking? --- Greg's mom

a. susie said...

potato leek bisque! i love it! i'd love to try faith's recipe since mine is just slightly missing something and i can't figure out what.

Anonymous said...

that's right! Indian food made it up there ...I mean, come on, who doesn't like Indian food?

hope you guys are well ...miss you and praying for you ...

~Lisa Mathew

Pinkey the Axe Fairy said...


of course you do (two of your recipes made the list)!


Jill Darling said...

How about the recipe for two-toned grilled cheese or meals via cranking out a column on the computer? I noticed they weren't on the list.

Jonathan "Carnefice" Rosselli said...

Yo fool, penne is spelled thusly, and also I make better marinara than Faith.