Monday, May 08, 2006

Neighbor drips

Ok, I've got several new kid videos, but I'll release them one at a time so you'll have something to look forward to. I had to show you all this one first, because it's just so unbelievable.

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Have you watched it? Ok, then read on:

Soon after that, the neighbor came home to discover that he'd left some meat thawing in the sink with water running over it....when he went out to the store. The meat had thawed, sagged down into the drain and clogged it. The water was making his kitchen into a lake, as well as ours. By the time an hour had passed, Greg had emptied those buckets three times each. Thankfully, everything dried out just fine, and nothing of ours was damaged. At least it wasn't the toilet again. Now, if that had happened while we were out, we would have been pretty upset (we kept a bunch of important things on the counter, but have since found safer homes for them). So everything turned out fine in the end. Thank God! Also, we got to meet the neighbors.


Anonymous said...

What a way to meet the neighbors!

Neighbor Guy: "D-uh, sorry about the thawed meat water all over your kitchen. We'll have you over for dinner. I'll cook up the half-clogged-in-the-drain piece of meat just for you. Do you want your's medium or well?"

How funny to be talking to you from Tulsa on the phone right when it happened. Memorable, huh? -- Mom

Jessica Portilla said...

too bad about the leak...but my what a beautiful kitchen you guys have!

btw, i'm taking knitting class starting later thsi month...let's hope i'm as good as you!

Gracie said...

That was weird. I've never seen water come from a light fixture before. I hope you turned off the light before someone got electrocuted.

Love you guys.

MA said...

Sorry about the leak! Thank goodness it was just the sink!
You sure look cute, though! =)

Jonathan "Tight Groups" Rosselli said...

This reminds me of one yesterday when I was riding to Loew's Cinema to watch MI:3 (which was bad but better than MI:2 by the way) with the Hispanics. Munoz was saying that this girl he knew wasn't very cute, and Gomez responded with, "Yeah, but she be havin her days."
My response was "Dude, you can't have a girl that be havin her days. You gotta get a girl that be havin her whole life."
There was laughter all around and I felt exceptionally brilliant. Which is pretty brilliant.

a.susie said...

WOW! how weird! well, i'm glad you didn't have any permanent damage. who would leave water running in the sink and then go away??!!
on another note, it was so great to hear your voice gerg! i didn't realize how much i miss you guys until hearing that familiar tone.
also, i just have to add...jonathan, that is one of the most brilliant statements, AND true ones, that i have ever heard! BRAVO! i hope you get a chance to use that often, because that understanding of what life SHOULD be about is SO needed in this world! (i won't comment on the fact that i can't POSSibly conceive why faith and greg's leak reminded you of this story, but...)

sarcy said...

I'd have been flipping out if that happened at my house. Faith, you must've inherited that unflappable demeanor from your mom. Greg, you should do documentaries. You have a very narratorly voice.
I miss yous guys!