Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sick and home, but not homesick

Hello everyone. Perhaps some of you have been wondering where we've been. I didn't want to put this out on the internet before, but Greg left three weeks ago for some training, so the kids and I were all alone (not really a thing to tell to the general public). I decided that I'd had enough and needed to come home, so I caught a space-a flight in a C17 cargo jet back to the States on Sunday. My friend Jillian, another Captain's wife came with us, and was a tremendous help. I couldn't have done this trip without her. It took us 4 days of waiting at the Air Force base to finally get a flight that could seat us, but it's worth it just to be home. My mom and Jonathan came to pick us up at McGuire in NJ, and I felt like I would cry with relief when I saw their car drive up. It was a long trip.

No more details right now -- I have a head cold and fever, but it's just good to be here. All I wanted was my mom. I have things that I need to do, a list of stuff to buy etc. before going back in a few weeks, but for right now I think I'll just hibernate for a little while.

I'll try to post pictures of the kids etc. soon, but for now I just need to lie down. It's good to be home.


Anonymous said...

Hey Welcome Home to Your Mom and Dad as well as your siblies!! May you have a bliessful three weeks or so with your family and get plenty of rest. Will be praying for you!

Love always in Jesus,

Kathy Williams :o)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Before you leave give me a call ad maybe we can meet up... there is a little kiddie pool in Endicott that I have been taking the kids to. 607-232-0473... I think your brother has the other number... Alright, hope you are feeling better soon!


Mom2Zoey said...

Glad you got home safe. Enjoy your family time. ~A