Thursday, October 04, 2007


On Saturday, we spent the day in Saarbruken. Greg has been there several times to see some rock shows, and knows his way around a little. In every centralized town or city here in Germany, there is a shopping district with cobblestone "foot traffic only" streets, and Saarbruken has a nice large one with lots of cool stores and restaurants.
Saarbruken Fountains
Double fountains at the beginning of the shopping area

Stone slide
A rock thing in the center of one of the walking streets served as a sort of "slide" for a bunch of children

Small Polizei
Police car ride outside of the toy store

Lions statues that we couldn't figure out the meaning of


We found a good use for them though

We ate at an Asian Bistro, which served Thai and Chinese food. It was pretty good and very reasonably priced.
Daisy gives a knock-out punch
Lavella delivers a knock-out punch (notice her handspun, handknit sweater)

Of course, as always, there was ice cream. This particular Eis Salon had the best ice cream that I've had in Germany so far.
Green Apple Eis
Elijah got Pistachio and Greg got Vanilla and Green Apple (complete with tiny bits of unpeeled Granny Smith apple)

Blood Orange Eis & Nuss Becher
Andrew ordered Blood Orange, which was perfectly delicate and floral, tasting exactly like a perfectly ripe blood orange. I got a Nuss Becher, which has one scoop of each of their four "milch eis" (milk-based ice creams), which ended up being vanilla, pistachio, hazelnut and chocolate. It was topped with tiny nut clusters, un-sweet whipped cream and drizzled with a creamy liqueur.

Up until this point, I haven't really liked any of the milk-based ice creams here in Germany, because they're just not as creamy as American ones, and Vanilla usually ends up being touched with a lemon taste, which to me is no good. The fruit based ones are always good though, tasting of pure, perfect fruit, which I will miss when we move back. Anyway, everything that we had at this cafe was delicious, and my new favorite ice cream shop.


a. susie said...

WOW! The ice cream there sounds fantastic! Fruit flavors are my favorite and very seldom do I find something I am impressed with. I wish I could taste what you're getting there.

Sarah said...

gosh, seriously, every time you blog about the ice cream i just want to hop on a plane...

Mom2Zoey said...

Me too! All the delicious food you talk about is making me want to visit Germany. ~A