Monday, January 28, 2008

Lavellla plays with yarn

Most of you who know me have seen me knitting a time or two, right?
Noro Kureyon Sock

Well it seems that someone else has noticed as well.
"Is this what you do with these cable needles?"

"I will knit these for you"

"I love Noro, Mommy!"
Taking the sock to play
(She actually crawled around with this sock for a good while, and now whenever I wear them she wants me to take them off so that she can have them.)

Yesterday, I left the room for about 30 seconds and came back to find this:
The Yarn Theif strikes again

The boys love to sit in my lap while I spin (wool into yarn), and each have their own pair of knitting needles stuck into a ball of wool so that they can "knit" next to me. Now if their tiny hands can just get coordinated enough to actually make the stitches...


Mom2Zoey said...

She is getting so big! They always seem to want what we have. Both my girls always want to type on the keyboard. I guess we know what I spend a lot of time doing, ha! ~A

Anonymous said...

so adorable. i'm sure she'll be better than me in no time! =o) those socks are gorgeous. i'm soon going to need another pair! i wear mine at least once a week, and think of you always.
love, ma

Anonymous said...

she's soo adorable! she looks a little like Jonathan...must be related hehe...hope Germany is treating you well and from the looks of all most of Europe too..