Thursday, May 21, 2009

Return to the Indoor Playground

On Saturday, we went to the Indoor Playground together for the first time since Greg deployed last year. Andrew and Elijah especially had been looking forward to it for a long time, so there was much excitement.

Here's Lavella, serenading us on our way there:

There were some new inflatable things to climb on, and the go-cart track had been extended, which was a nice surprise. Andrew and Elijah are old enough now to each drive their own, which was cool for them.

Elijah was a bit of a hazard to other drivers, since he NEEDED to be in front, and got pretty good at managing the curves and getting around people. Although he seemed to think it was more of a bumper-cars situation than any of the other people on the track.

Andrew did very well, except that he kept getting caught in this one corner.

This is what happens when you run out of your token-time mid-track.

There are a bunch of very big slides, but this one was just right for Lavella.

...And Greg.

For the first half-hour or so, it was fun to watch everyone else have fun. However, this little fussy dude did not want to take a nap, so eventually I got tired of this.

Greg came and relieved me so that I could play with the boys on the inflatable climbing stuff. I've never really played at this playground any of the times we've gone, because I always have a nursing baby to hold or am pregnant. It was fun to be able to just bounce around like crazy for a little while.

Jonah, apparently, stopped being fussy as soon as I walked away. It was all a show, because this is how he was looking at Greg.

After this, he fell asleep and took a nap. What a little pip.
Lavella's favorite part was the ball pool.

(There are actually several, but this one is the one she spent the most time in.)

She kept positioning this rubber bouncing/riding toy on the rim of this play-box, and bounce/falling in. It was ridiculous. Don't take my word for it though, see for yourself.

Oh whoops, no, that was the show that Greg went to later on that night.

OK, here's Lavella for real this time.

It's short, but I could seriously watch that one on loop all day. Greg and I were almost crying we were laughing so hard when we watched this together last night.

Here's a longer jump sequence.

For even more photos (because, you know, this one just didn't have enough), you can click through to the photo gallery, here.


Anonymous said...

Old Mack-a-donald! How cute is she?! I love how when Andrew tries to correct her she quickly says, it's "Old Mack-a-donald."

You guys have the cutest kids!

Miss you,

Amanda and Chase

a.susie said...

That's hilarious! What fun!
I love the "Ald Mic-a-Donald" rendition... and the informing of the boys what song she was singing!... "It Ald Mic-a Donald had a faom!"

Anonymous said...

Too much fun! Hey, where are the trampolines? That was my favorite.


Mom2Zoey said...

That place looks awesome! I wish we had something like it here.

The Kansas City Hoovers said...

Looks like a very cool place! It's so nice to see you guys be able to do things as a family!!

The Kansas City Hoovers said...

Looks like a very cool place! It's so nice to see you guys be able to do things as a family!!