Monday, July 20, 2009

Two-week visit wrap-up

On Thursday, Pete, Jill and Keith flew back to the States. We had a very nice visit with them, and were so glad that Keith got to see several European countries in this one trip.

It is possible, however, in her zeal for capturing every precious moment, that Jill may have taken just a few too many pictures.

Not that you'd be able to tell by Greg's expression here.
Um, yeah.

Or here.
"Seriously.  Too many pictures."

Or here.
Dinner out

This was a night that we got a babysitter so that we adults could go out for dinner together. Yes, we are sitting at a different table in this second shot -- I started to freeze outside, so we had to move indoors. Thankfully the restaurant wasn't busy, and the staff very gracious.
Dinner out

Jill has been occasionally playing the roll of my Personal Shopper when she finds good deals at WalMart and such. This adorable little dress was one of those purchases. ("Thank you Nana!!")
Jill bought Daisy this dress

Lavella showing Keith something on her little piano.
Keith and Daisy

Keith and the boys wrestling.
Keith wrestling with Sparky and Max

One night, we noticed that a street fair was taking place outside our house. I think it was called the Italian Festival. (I'm not in these pics because I was out at a farewell for the Battalion commander's wife.)
Street fair

Street fair

Street fair

Jill always finds it of utmost importance to soak in as much sunlight as possible. Here she is eating out in the sun-garden. The children thought it was a super fun idea.
Lunch out in the sun-garden

Making pizza dough together.
Making pizza dough

Everyone was glad to get the opportunity to meet Jonah for the first time, and spend time with him.
Poppy and Billy

Pete and Billy

Thank you Pete, Jill and Keith for coming to visit us! All of the time that you each took to help me care for and entertain the children while you were here was hugely appreciated. Thank you also for letting Greg and I go out on a date together. Overall, we had a lovely visit with the three of you, and we look forward to seeing you again in September!

For more pictures and some different angles on our last two weeks, visit Jill's blog.

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Anonymous said...

What a darling family! We had a super fun time too. We'll do it again Texas.