Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Where we've been: part 2

The second and last of the catch-up posts. After this, it'll be back to writing about our day to day life as it is happening, the way this blog usually is.

For those just here for the pictures: all of the pics in this post, as well as plenty more, can be found in the Flickr set here.

On September 11th, Pete picked us up from my parents' house and brought us to his house to stay for a week. The next day, we attended the wedding of Greg's cousin Tim and our new cousin-in-law, Abbie.

With all of our time abroad, we've had to miss many weddings of friends and family, so it was great that the dates lined up so well for us to be able to be at this one.

On Sunday, we went to a Classic Car Drive-in/Show in Pete and Jill's town.

And spent time at Grandma and Grandpa D's.

On Monday, we celebrated Andrew's birthday yet again, this time with little cupcakes, cream puffs, and cannoli from Wegmans.

Greg set up our new cell phone plans, and got us both these cute little LG enV3's. I'm rather besotted with mine.

See? Like a tiny little computer! OK, we're going to pretend that I wasn't just gushing about my adorable, fab little phone. (There I go again...)

Andrew and Elijah are playing on a soccer team this year, so Pete, Keith and Greg spent some time teaching the boys a little bit about the game.

Greg took Andrew and Elijah on a camping trip out in the woods, which involved learning to build a campfire, and some target practice with some cans (in one of the pictures below, you can see Andrew showing me the hole he shot through the can).

Everyone had a lot of fun outside, all week.

Keith showed us his handcrafted sawmill that he's been working on this past year.

One night, Greg took me on a campfire date. It was a lot of fun, although I got a little nervous about being out in the dark, in the middle of the woods, at night. I know, I'm a total wuss. And don't worry, Greg told me that too.

But it was a beautiful night.

Overall, we had a great visit with both my family and Greg's, and we look forward to the next time we can fly home. The children are already asking where everyone is, and why they can't see all of the extended family right now.

We love and miss you all!!

For more pictures, and all of the individual shots that I've got grouped together in this post, click through to the Flickr set by clicking here: PA visit Sept. 09

To come in future posts: beginning our new life in Texas!


The Kansas City Hoovers said...

That makes me miss home!!! My dad took the older boys on a camping trip when we visited in the summer and he also taught them how to shoot a BB gun, but he also taught them how to poop in the woods cause Judah had to go! So one day back here, I catch Ephraim starting to lean against a tree to poop. I caught him and said he can't do that here, only when you are camping with NO bathroom!! Thanks Dad!! Can't wait to here about your new location!

Anonymous said...

Lavella had the pooping-in-the-woods experience with Poppy (Pete) while they were here. Elijah was concerned because he was going camping that night with Daddy. He had seen Lavella sitting on a log and how Poppy used leaves on her to wipe with. Elijah said, "What if I have to poop?"
I told him there were plenty of logs in the woods to sit on and I would make sure and pack a roll of toilet paper. And I did. He never did have the pleasure of doing it. Maybe next time.
He was also worried about it being dark, but I told him he'd have his very own flashlight.
He did fine and they had a great time.

a.susie said...

Great photos! It was so good to see you all. Can't wait to start hearing more about life in Texas...always wanted to visit there...