Monday, October 26, 2009

Date night at Uchi

On Monday, Greg turned 32. Usually, he can't think of anything he wants or would like to do for his birthday, but this year, he decided that we would go on a date to a the world renowned sushi restaurant in Austin, Uchi.

It's hard to describe what followed; I can only tell you that it was absolutely The Best dinner at a restaurant ever. In my life.

No more words, just pictures (fully gallery here).


wendy said...

Happy Birthday Greg!

a.susie said...

I can appreciate that you loved this. I can also appreciate that it was a fantastic, beautifully presented meal. But I canNOT in any way fathom eating any of that stuff! Of course you're talking to a would-be vegetarian... ;-) The Coffee Panna Cotta looks scrumptious though. Glad you had such a great birthday celebration.

The Kansas City Hoovers said...

My husband would be greatly jealous! However, I think it all looks nasty, but glad you guys enjoyed it!!!!

Anonymous said...

I ditto Susie! Glad you enjoyed it.