Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Child's play

The creativity of a child is a precious thing.

Built into a child is the natural ability to play in a way that is free from the worries of messes they might make, or the end result of their actions. This ability can be infuriating and seen as destructive by the Grown Up among us, but it is amazing how freeing it can be to just let go from time to time and create with a toddler.

In the mornings while the boys are in school and Jonah is napping, Lavella and I are able to spend time together, just the two of us, and I've had the opportunity to look at the world through her eyes, enjoying things from her perspective.

There is a quietness and a joy to chalk stained knees; the sensation of fingers, slick with fingerpaint, slipping over giant sheets of paper; the warmth of freshly made playdough, and the taste of the salt and the flour; coloring with crayons without a design in mind, just to see the colors next to each other on a page; going on a treasure hunt through the neighborhood for twigs and leaves and pebbles to build fairy houses for the bugs.

If you can allow yourself to let go, the world can be a magical place through the eyes of a child.


The Kansas City Hoovers said...

So sweet and so true!!

a.susie said...

Amen! Even Gramma's "do it" sometimes!

wendy said...

What a beautiful creation the two of you made. I took a class that was called “Children and The Arts” , Hunter was my student project for it. I had so much fun watching him play with the play dough and finger painting, along with all the other things we did. I even got my fingers messy with him.

Anonymous said...

We still have faded chalk drawings on our concrete when we did it here in September. Great memories of doing that and all the other fun stuff we did! Their fav though: Rocket balloon blast! Pump, pump, pump!