Thursday, October 07, 2010

Egg Drop Day!

Firemen came to Andrew and Elijah's school to help out with Egg Drop Day.  They brought their ladder truck, and dropped the protected eggs down from a great height.


Each child designed protective containers for their eggs.




Andrew's egg made it!


Of course he had to crack it.


Andrew's whole 1st grade class.


We sat in on Elijah's class before his grade went out for their egg drop.


The teacher was trying to explain how to ask a question.  Statements like "MY HOUSE IS RED TOO!" is not a question.  This was surprising to some.





Elijah was so sweet, taking Lavella by the hand and showing her how to walk properly in line to walk out to the egg-drop zone.




All done!


Elijah's egg was also unharmed, but of course he ALSO had to break his open...and then started to eat it raw.  Moments like these make me proud to be a mom.



After the egg dropping was over, we all ate lunch together.  I love this little crew a heck of a lot.


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