Monday, November 07, 2011

Happy (VERY BELATED) birthday, Andrew!

Dear Andrew,

Somehow, since your birthday falls right at the beginning of the school year, I always seem to be incredibly behind with your birthday letter.  But that certainly does not make you any less special!

1 year old

Ice cream
2 years old with 7 year old Rachel


Happy Toddler Hat
3 years old with a hat I designed and knit for you

3-1/2 years old

Back-row: Rachel and Sparky
4 years old, with 9 year old Rachel

Sparky helps Daisy get the paper off
5 years old, helping Lavella unwrap a birthday gift

Sparky tells me all about school on his 1st day
6 years old, first day of kindergarten

Sick day salon
7-1/2 years old, painting Lavella's nails when you were home sick from school

A few weeks ago, on Egg Drop Day at school

Two months ago, on September 3rd, you turned 8 years old.  You have so many grown up teeth in your mouth; you're growing stronger and taller by the day (nearly up to my shoulder!); you are becoming more responsible and helpful... I am so glad that God has given me someone like you.

One of my favorite moments every day is when you walk in the door from school: fresh with the day's adventures, full of stories, shyly wanting my attention and hugs and help with homework.

I hope that you are always able to talk with me, that you are always able to share with me about the things that you're interested in and excited about.

When you sit close to me on the couch and read me a book or tell me a story, I listen with ears that know full well you will eventually grow up, and these tender moments will only be memories.  I try to fix in my mind exactly how your high little boy voice sounds, because all too soon it will break and deepen into the voice of a man.

You are so precious to me.  I am so glad that I've got you.

I love you forever,


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