Friday, March 09, 2012


There are purple blooms on trees, a green haze of newly emerged leaves.  I've been scrubbing the house with windows open, enjoying the smell of new spring.

Today, however, it is chilly and raining.  I can't seem to get quite warm after my early morning run.  Jonah and I ate lunch with Lavella, Elijah and Andrew at school (lunch times starting as early as 10:30!)  It was supposed to be the Texas Day "cook-out", but since the weather did not permit, we ate in the cafeteria instead.

Eating lunch with my children on Texas Day

Now that we are back home for naptime, I wish nothing more than for my pajamas, a wool blanket, a cup of hot tea, an afternoon movie.  Dinner will certainly be a large pot of chili.

Spring loves nothing more than to tease.

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