Monday, January 20, 2014

Sour Candy Challenge

Today was a school holiday.  Happily this meant I was able to turn off my alarm, sleep in, throw out the schedule.  Sadly, this meant that...for lack of a schedule, the children eventually turned on each other and it became a bickering, stressful mess of a day.

Then my friend Pixie arrived, we started watching YouTube videos together and....well one thing lead to another, and the next thing I knew, I was out at the grocery store buying a giant bag of the sourest candy I could find.

Then we decided to video the children tasting everything because....well a little kid with a great big sour face is a pretty funny thing, what can I say?

Of course Pixie and I had to try it out next:

In the end, no one had any taste buds left, we were all flying high on sugar, and no one was bored.  Score!


Debbie Mullin said...

So funny! Apparently everything but the Warheads were lame. You're kids are beautiful & getting so big! Thanks for sharing =).

Deb M. said...

*Your kids...

Celeste Lipp said...

Ha! My daughter loves sour candy challenges. There is some kind she gets from Party City that's called Toxic Waste, or Toxies by the kids on YouTube. She gave me one and I thought I would die. A new family legend was born.