Monday, December 20, 2004

Dangerous Cold

This morning Andrew and I had plans to walk down the street (1-1/2 blocks away) to the Scrapbook Nook, a little scrapbooking botique, to get some supplies so that I could work on some Christmas presents. Our plans are no longer though, as I found that it is -19 degrees outside. OHMYGOSH! I forgot how cold it gets up here. As I sit by the computer, which is facing a large window, I can feel the frigid air seeping in, making me shiver even in my sweatpants and hoodie. Craziness, I tell you! Greg only has a half day today though, so I'll be able to drive there around lunchtime.

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Anonymous said...

Faith, I'm exceedingly glad that you have resurrected the blog and picture site. I'm plain old bored and just constantly wondering what life is like without me. But now I know. -sarah