Monday, February 07, 2005

At Home In Mitford

Anytime that I don't blog for a month at a time or so, chances are, I'm buried in a good book.

The current culprit is a series I've been working through called the Mitford Chronicles, by Jan Karon. At face value, they don't really jump out and grab you, but they're so full of good stuff.

First off, I grew up in Suburbia City, so, as these books are all about a fictitious little country town called Mitford, they intrigue me. Then the author has this way of writing all the stories around these very common characters leading ordinary lives with extraordinary results.

As I read, I also find my faith being built up and encouraged, and, although I've never lived in a tiny town myself, I find myself completely engrossed, "living in Mitford", if you will.

What I've written so far probably will not spur anyone on to check them out themselves, but it's very difficult to properly describe books like these. They apparently are very popular though, because most or all of them have made it to #1 New York Times Best Sellers. Anyway, if you feel like picking up a good read, consider these.

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