Monday, January 31, 2005

Army life

Some of you may know that Greg was supposed to get out of the Army last May. He got stop-lossed (his guys got deployed, so when that happens in a war-time situation, everyone has to stay in the same job they were currently in, even if they were just about to get out, or relocate to another post). When he was planning on getting out, he did a lot of interviewing with different companies, trying to get a good job in the Binghamton area so that we could move closer to the place we consider "home", and be more of a local presence and support in our church. There really wasn't much out there though in the salary range we were looking for, and on top of that, the more Greg thought about settling into a civilian job, the less attractive it seemed.

All his life, Greg's wanted to be in Special Forces (SF), but since it requires lots of training and tons of deployments, he dismissed the idea when he decided to marry me and start a family. I always knew that it had been his dream though, so at different times when he sounded wistful about his choice, I've reminded him that if he ever wanted to do it, I'd be completely behind him. It's more important to me that he has a job that fulfills his sense of purpose and keeps him interested than that I get to live near my family.

A few months ago, Greg told me that he's been seriously thinking of going SF and staying in the military to finish out the last 15 years of his career....and then a few weeks ago decided that was what we were going to do.

The way it looks right now, we'll go to Georgia for training possibly in September for 6 months, then from there it all depends on what happens next. We could end up anywhere. All in all, it's hard, but we're both completely at peace with the decision, and it seems to be the best thing. As things continue to transpire in our near future, I'll be sure to give the updates.

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