Thursday, January 13, 2005

Eating Playdough

Once a month I host a Stay At Home Moms Meetup group at our house ( This time I made some edible peanut butter play dough for the little people (a recipe I found online of peanut butter, honey and enough powdered milk to make it a dough), and it was a big hit. Andrew soon discovered the joys of eating little bits of it as he was smushing it around, and today we discovered yet another use for it. Greg has been down with the flu, so I've had to be extra creative with Andrew or else we end up watching an endless parade of The Donut Man. So today I got out the clay and once Andrew got a little bored with it, I pulled out a bag of Cheerios. He is currently consumed with finding all the Cheerios I pressed into the lump, pressing in more himself, eating them, etc. He's been fascinated by this little game for about half-an-hour now, so I feel like a genius.

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