Wednesday, September 20, 2006

airport pics

Although I would rather fling myself through a 200th story window rather than experience last week's flight again, here are some pictures that help me to remember that the boys weren't terrors the entire time. These were taken at the airport while we waited for our flight. Everyone around us were laughing at them as they tackled each other and their lambies, drove little trucks around and Elijah said "Hello!" to people.

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I'll post more soon about our life so far in Germany. Please pray for Greg if you read this before tomorrow morning -- he's taking his driver's test for his German licence all day tomorrow, and we're studying like crazy tonight. Tuesday of next week is when I go take it...


Jill Darling said...

Here's an idea. Perhaps Andrew and Elijah's new strain of terrorism will prompt the airlines to set up kids' play areas on planes. When kids need to be strapped in for take-offs and landings, they could pilot a mini airplane of their own and be belted in that way.

German driving: Yeah! More freedom. There are no speed limits on half of the Autobahn. Cool! Recommended speed in 81 mph.


Pinkey the Axe Fairy said...

yes, it's true that the recommended maximum speed limit on the autobahn is 130kph. however, if you're involved in an accident or other infraction, and the german police can prove that you were traveling faster than 130kph, then you could be held liable.