Friday, September 08, 2006

Good to feel so bad

The past few weeks I've been feeling very ill, as is to be expected. The only things that have sounded appealing are peaches, pineapple and raw tomatoes. Pretty much I haven't been able to stomach anything that is cooked. Anytime that I start to feel sorry for myself though, I remember friends who have lost babies early in their pregnancies, and who would give anything for that exausted, sick feeling. I know that not everyone feels like crap in the beginning, but for me it's kind of like a comforting signpost that the baby is healthy and thriving.

Since getting to my parent's house this week, I've been feeling better each day. Once or twice I nearly puked, but in general, I've been able to eat more than I have in the past few weeks put together. Maybe it's the familiar food, maybe it's being with my mom, maybe it's just that I'm now almost 10 weeks pregnant (and coming out of the "sick" phase by degrees), but reguardless, I've been having some pretty good days. I have been able to take a nap almost every day for the past few weeks, and that makes a difference too.

Next week, Germany....

Here is what has to say about the little gummy child right now:

Your baby is now about an inch long and weighs five grams, or one-sixth of an ounce, roughly the size of a garden beetle. This end of the two-month mark is a landmark date for your baby. It's looking more human all the time. If you could look inside, you'd see a thumb tip-size translucent creature that's unmistakably human. Kidneys, lungs, genitals, and the gastrointestinal tract are all present, though far from fully formed. Your baby's bones begin to form in his limbs, a process called ossification. The floor plan for your baby's structure has been laid down, and the next thirty weeks will be about expanding and developing on this blueprint. If your baby is a boy, his testes are already producing testosterone. A Doppler handheld device can usually detect a fetal heartbeat by this point. Once the heartbeat is detectable, your chances of miscarrying in the first trimester are immediately lower: between five and ten percent.


Anonymous said...

we miss you! joshua talks about faif's house all the time. wish you were just 10 exits away. =( call me when you get the chance. don't wanna interrupt your family time. hope i can talk to you before you leave!!!! xoxo

Mom2Zoey said...

Tell me about it. I am 18 weeks and still not feeling like myself. I have no appitite and have lost 10lbs so far. I also have horrible headaches and heartburn. So, count yourself lucky.
I'm glad to hear that you are feeling a little better though and that the baby is doing well. We are praying for you. ~Alicia