Thursday, December 28, 2006


Two weeks before Christmas, Greg and I took the boys and met our friends, Jeff, CC and their 3-year-old The Other Andrew to Trier. Trier is the oldest city in Germany, and has a beautiful, large market square, which is especially interesting at Christmastime. They have a fascinating history; a comprehensive explanation here. In it's day, the city was known as "The Second Rome", and was an imperial capital of Constantine The Great. Random trivia fact: Trier was the birthplace of philosopher Karl Marx.

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We explored and shopped at the markt platz, stopped to hear street performers play/sing traditional German music, ate fried potatoes and sauteed mushrooms with parsley and mayonnaise (strange, I know, but that's how it was served), took a look at Porta Nigra, and went inside the oldest German church, the gorgeous Dom St. Peter, (also known as Trier Cathedral), where the Holy Robe (thought to be part of Jesus' robe that he wore before he was killed) is enshrined behind the alter. We took a bunch of pictures, which would make this blog rather slow to load, so I am linking to the photo album of our trip instead. I've included comments as the title to each picture; if you have any more questions about what you see there, leave a comment here for me.

I'll blog about the Christmas market at Burg Lichtenberg tomorrow (hopefully), and then finally get to our Christmas celebration here at the House Of Darling. I'm so behind on everything, but since we've got so many great pictures I feel compelled to share all of it with you and not just skip ahead as I am so tempted to do. Enjoy!

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