Thursday, June 21, 2007

The German Mall

Yesterday, I went to a German mall for the first time. Greg stayed home with the boys, so it was just Lavella and I with my friend Jillian.
(This is on top of the parking garage)

Jillian is American, so between the English conversation and the familiar surroundings, I almost felt like I was back in the States again.

There were, however, some differences. Like this produce store tucked into a corner.

Mall Fruit

There was also a fresh pasta and cheese counter. You just don't see that back home, where malls are the land of the ultra-processed with nary a fresh thing to be found.

Jillian and I couldn't help giggling about these transparent boxer-briefs in the men's section of one of the department stores.

Transparent boxer-breifs in the men's section

(I claim no responsibility for ending up there.)

We visited my favorite store, H&M, and Jillian bought Lavella some dresses that were just too cute to pass up. Of course we had to dress her in one of them right away (she's my tiny baby-doll).

I also made a few purchases. I've been wanting a hat with a bill for a while, to keep out the sun while playing outside with the boys. The trouble is, I look terrible in hats. At H&M, I finally found one that suited me.


I've also been wanting some wide, fabric headbands for a long time, and keep telling myself that I'll just sew some up. I've got fabric, I've got elastic, how hard can it be to just sit down and make them? Apparently, too hard for me.


I adore this one, and don't regret the purchase. In fact, I think that I need about 20 more.

Of course, there was a souvenir yarn purchase. What's a trip to the mall without some new sock yarn?
Souvenier yarn

I know the colors are insane (my question is, what nation does this represent?!), but I couldn't put it down once I'd picked it up, so it just had to come home with me.

There was also a huge pink hat for Lavella, but I didn't take any pictures of it, so instead I leave you with a photo of another (similar) hat in yellow that we got the other day, along with the boys at the playground, sending their trucks and cars down the slide.

Sun Hat



a.susie said...

I think too often we are conDItioned to think we don't look good in hats when we actually don't look bad at all...that's my theory anyway. I base that thought on the fact that whenever I see women of the past in a world where men and women always wore hats, I nearly always love the look. So, I think I have to get used to SEEING myself in a hats before I will be comfortable wearing them. hm...have to think more about that...
With that said, I LOVE the headband! I wish I could wear headbands. They just slip off my head! And you're right in your assessment of the sewing issue. As an experienced seamstress, believe it or not, some of the seemingly easiest items are the hardest to put together.
Lavella is a doll...the spuds look great.
(transparent boxers?!?!?!

Mom2Zoey said...

I love babies in hats and people in hats. So, both are great pictures. I'm glad you got some time out for yourself. ~A