Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I was taking these pictures to post on my fiber blog, but they turned out so cute that I had to post them here as well.  In this set, the small people pose with their hat/mitten sets that I knit (mostly) on the way to Italy:

Here is Lavella in a sweater that I just finished up a few days ago (in case you are the kind of person who cares about such things: I spun the yarn myself before knitting it.)

I think she looks like a character in a Richard Scary book, or maybe Dr, Seuss.  (Action shots, since there was no chance of her sitting still, even with scotch tape on her fingers to distract her as in the first of the set.)

Lavella has 6 teeth now, and yesterday stood on her own for the first time.  She still thinks it's a pretty bad idea, but can stand without wobbling if she decides to.  She has started walking while holding onto my fingers.  The boys thought that she should walk holding their fingers too, but this ended with her shouting at them.

And just because this is a cute picture, here's one from today:

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MA said...

you have such a beutiful family. it's amazing to see how close in size A and E are... M and J are so different. Both kinda small... but so different in size. miss you.

Mom2Zoey said...

They grow up so fast! Delaney is already walking and climbing and into everything. She is much more active than Zoey was. I think it is amazing to see how much A&E look alike! My girls did at first but that has started to change. They even have different color eyes. Cute pics! ~A

sarcy said...

In that second photo from the top, Andrew looks just like you as a kid.

They're all beautiful.

a.susie said...

Priceless pictures! They make me miss those days as a young mother.