Sunday, April 13, 2008

Little line cooks

To everyone who's left a comment or sent an email in the past week: thank you.  This first week has been a serious challenge, and the emotional support has been greatly appreciated.

There are many stories I could tell you; super fussy people (Lavella's teething), extra whining and screeching (Elijah), taunting and picking fights (Andrew), a broken dishwasher that can't seem to come back from the mechanic...but where's the fun in that?  Last week is last week.  Let's talk about nice things, shall we?

As of a few weeks ago, Lavella has joined the ranks of line cooks in the house.

(They will eat raw flour, oats, and whatever else I happen to be cooking and baking with, straight out of the mixing bowl)

The other day, Lavella came crawling out of her room where she'd been playing with the boys for a while.  I noticed bright colors all over her hands and face, complete with florescent pink teeth and tongue.

(This was actually the least colored part of her whole little person, but she was wiggling too much to get a good shot of anything else)

I asked the boys (not really expecting a good answer, of course) "What happened to Lavella?"

Elijah marched out of their room and confidantly said "Oh, I colored on her."

Oh.  Of course.  What a silly question to ask.
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a.susie said...

THAT'S hysterical! "I colored on her"! Bravo to you Mommy! You go!

Mom2Zoey said...

Ah! Zoey has colored on herself but not Delaney, yet.
They are an adorable little cooking crew. ~A

Anonymous said...

Spot on!