Saturday, May 17, 2008

Meet Rose

As many of you know, when Greg and I were dating and engaged, most of the time our relationship was long-distance. One day I found this cute, innocent little Precious Moments pig, so I bought it, scented it with my perfume, and sent it off in the mail to him. At the risk of this story getting even more saccharine-sweet, I named it Rose, so that it could be like a little part of me (those of you who know my maiden name will get the reference.)

Later on when we got married, Greg unpacked little Rose in our new house, and it seemed that she must have gone out at some point and got a few well placed pieces of jewelery.

Last week, Rose took a second journey. The boys and I decided to send her off to Iraq to keep Greg company and participate in photographic adventures so that the boys can feel a sense of familiar in the different things that Greg will be showing them. (Idea thanks to my mother-in-law.)

The boys are looking forward to seeing where Rose turns up next!

The boys in Greg's shoes:

When I got Lavella up from her nap today, she was wearing a pair of my shorts over her head, with her arm through a leg-hole.

I couldn't stop laughing! I must have left them hanging over the side of her playpen when I changed out of them last night, so she just decided to put them on herself.

Tonight at dinner, Lavella was learning to use a spoon for the first time:

Her beginning efforts were more like sucking on a lollypop, but thankfully the refried beans hung on to the spoon and were a good teaching medium. She caught on pretty well towards the end -- she has never been so fascinated with her dinner! The only trouble was that she would get super offended every time I had to take the spoon to re-load.

Two random videos for you. First, this 15-year-old girl can sing. Oh my gosh, can she sing:

Second, this was just hilarious, and reminded me of my mother-in-law, who will take any opporunity to multi-task, even when it comes to excercise. So Jill, this one's for you:

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Mom2Zoey said...

That was funny! The chair and Lavella with your shorts on. Delaney loves to wear underware on her head. She stratigically pulls them out of the basket while Im folding laundry and runs around giggling. ~A

Anonymous said...

What a hoot! It’s the absolute perfect gift for your multi-tasking mother-in-law (hint, hint). I’ve always thought that more could be done instead of just sitting, which is a complete waste of time. I only wish I had invented it!

In addition to eating oatmeal from a bowl wedged between my legs, shifting the car with a peach in hand (and no drips, mind you), flossing, putting on earrings and lipstick on my way to work, I can do the seated hula!

I’ll take four: one for the car, one for home, one for my phone/computer job and one for my dental assisting job.

This could shed a whole new light on car and air travel. By the time you get to your 20-year class reunion or your beach vacation, you whittle away five inches!