Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A whole lot to say?

In the past two weeks, nothing really all that eventful has happened, but at the same time I've felt so overtired and overwhelmed that it's been hard to do anything extra at all, including posting to the blog.  I've also been writing a lot of letters to Greg, since that's pretty much the only form of communication that we have at the moment, so I guess that by the time I'm done living my day and then telling Greg about it, I'm pretty much done and done!

Lavella still isn't walking (she runs around pushing a box that she's loaded up with her toys, and occasionally stops to get into it.)

And then there was the bath time that ended with marshmallows for everyone.

(Seriously, if you're going to go and get all sticky, you might as well do it in the bathtub.)

Lavella got some more birthday gifts in the mail -- these are from Aunt Mary Ann and Uncle Bob.

She was thrilled with the paper it was all wrapped in, but I was excited to find a set of Ralph Lauren babywear:

Just what every 1-year-old needs, don't you think?  Aunt Mary Ann and Aunt Terry have both made it a point to outfit all of the babies in the family (probably since I was born) in Ralph Lauren.  Seriously though, look at the ruffle on that shirt, and the dress is precious!  (Now if she would only walk so that she can wear all of the beautiful new dresses she's been getting...)

Thank you Aunt Mary Ann and Uncle Bob!

On the day after my birthday (which was April 24th), I was having some of my friends over to spin (yarn) like I do once a month, and realized that it was just after my birthday.  I decided to turn it into a little birthday party for Lavella and I:

I made Fluffy Yellow Cake cupcakes with One-Minute-Chocolate-Frosting (both from Cooks Illustrated magazine -- thank you again to Aunt Mary Ann and Uncle Bob!!)  The cupcakes were fantastic, and I'll have to share the recipe at a later date.  The batter is made with melted butter and the egg whites are whipped stiff and folded in.  Such an interesting process, and the results were incredible.

We also went to a "Gartenschau" or Garden Show with some of our friends, but since I got tons of great pictures, I'll have to save that for another post.

Two more Lavella shots, just because:

(Jillian put her in Elijah's rainboots)

Well, I guess I did have a lot to tell you all about after all!  Huh, sometimes I just don't even know until I'm all done writing.
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Mom2Zoey said...

Adorable pictures! I love the clothes! ~A

Sarah said...

VJ has learned a 'trick' to the whole not-walking-but mom-still-makes-me-wear-dresses thing. She crawls without using her knees. That's right, she lifts up her bum and propels herself forward on her toes. Only when she's wearing a dress though.

beka said...

Lav is so adorable! I so can't wait to see my little girl!!! And she will probably be in dresses all the time!!! I can't wait to see pink and frills.