Monday, January 26, 2009

A good day for a walk

Saturday we had beautiful blue skies, and the weather was almost warm (read: not below freezing). I bundled Jonah into the sling, zipped two sweatshirts over us both, and we all went out for a walk.

Some of my fav. shots:

Throwing bread to the ducks

Andrew's and Rachel's feet

For more pictures of our walk, click on over to Rachel's most recent post.


Mom2Zoey said...

Seriously! I envy you. It was -6 here this morning and we have about 5 feet high drifts of snow. I want a walk outside!

The Morlang Family said...

hey faith!
i know i haven't talked to you in ages but over the last few months i've been following your i don't know how you managed everything all those months by yourself with three kids and a baby on the way...congradulations on jonah, he is rediculously cute!! anyways i just started my own blog being that i'm in canada in makes it easier for friends and fam to see pics and stuff...and i'm due march 3rd we're having a girl :) love you, Lavella and all the Billys,
<3 becky

Mom2Zoey said...

Check out the snow pics on my blog! See what your missing?