Friday, January 23, 2009

Village making

This past weekend, Jonathan helped us take down the Christmas tree.

Lavella and my mom set the soundtrack for the event:

Rachel and the boys put their new train set (Christmas gift from my parents) together with their old one, and were very proud of this set-up:

The boys are now officially out of Pull-Ups! They were wearing them only at night, and have been waking up dry for about two months now, so I finally made the decision to let them go to bed like "big guys". To celebrate, I made a Chocolate Gâteau (from Dori Greenspan's "Baking from my home to yours").

Elijah turned the heat up from 350 to 400 without my knowledge at some point in the baking (dangerous, naughty, I know.), but somehow it came out wonderful anyway.

Jonah has started to really smile; his dimples are so charming.

Rachel and my three little guys have been decorating a gingerbread (graham cracker) village for the past few days.

We used Martha Stewart's directions for cutting out the graham crackers, as we did last year.

I'm pretty sure that just as much candy was eaten as was used for embellishment, but that's to be expected (we only do this once a year, after all).

Jonah oversaw the efforts:

I hear he's quite the taskmaster.

Here's the finished product:

And our trusty work-crew:

I'm so proud of them!


Anonymous said...

I am proud of them to!!!

-Rachel(Your sister)-

Mom2Zoey said...

Much to be proud of! They are beautiful and talented!

Jill said...

What fun! I'm glad you're having such a wonderful time together!

Save me some chocolate cake!



Jill said...

And Jonah is a doll. Can't wait to hold him.


a.susie said...

Oh my gosh! I LOVE your village! Good architects!
I love the pictures of Lavella. With Jordie being just about the same age I recognize all the subtle expressions of an almost two year old. Oh, and, Jordie is also very good at belly and face art. She's sporting flowers on her tummy as we speak.

The Kansas City Hoovers said...

A very cool village I must say!