Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The little sick people

Today marks day 10 of Elijah being sick, day 3 for Lavella, and last night Andrew woke up burning up with the same fever. They've also got runny noses; when I took Elijah to the Dr. on Friday, he said it was a sinus infection that his body couldn't get rid of and put him on meds, so I'm assuming it's the same for all three of them. They don't ever get sick like this -- it's very frustrating, and a little bit scary for a sickness to last this long. It's also not fun to wrestle people down and shoot liquid, drippy medication in their mouths, but I suppose that's part of my job description. Grr.

I woke up at 7am to make same-day appointments for Andrew and Lavella later this morning. Good times.

On a lighter note, here's pics from a cookie-decorating playdate we had when we didn't realize we were sick:

(Click through for bigger, and then click on the links below the mosaic for individual shots at full size.)

This picture is blurry, but it's too precious not to include -- Heather and I noticed Andrew and Stella sort-of-cuddling while watching a video that day, and this was all that she could snap off before they noticed her and jumped away from each other. So cute. :)

I'm glad that I have the option of bringing the children to childcare once a week, but the downside is sick, sick, sick. There's always some sort of snuffly nose thing going on at least, and this at worst. ~sigh~ At least once they're all on Amoxicillan they won't be contagious anymore and we can go out in public again.

After the Dr's appointment, my plan is to crash on the couch with all of my little guys, pass out the warm tea, Kleenex and bubblegum flavored medicine and watch movies. Already, I can't wait for naptime. (Why did I give up coffee?!)


Sarcy said...

Sometimes I can't wait for naptime either and I only have the one little guy.

Indeed, why did you give up coffee? For Jonah, perhaps?

Mom2Zoey said...

Both my girls were sick over that past two weeks. It's no fun!
I just started drinking coffee.

Rachel said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I miss them soooooooooooo much Faith.

a.susie said...

Why DID you give up coffee?! Oh my...that's just...wrong... ;-) Anyway...yeah, this sickness thing this year has been so frustrating. I have taken nothing but natural remedies for years, but this year I just could not kick it and ended up with bronchitis w/asthma. I don't HAVE asthma! Had to do the whole antibiotic thing...then the whole Tanalbit (yeast) and probiotics thing to offset the antibiotic thing... I'm finally starting to feel better, but wow...