Monday, April 06, 2009

Spring fever

I'm itchy. It's spring, and I can hardly sit still. I feel like I need to be doing something, accomplishing everything, yet I can hardly finish anything. Really, I don't have time for much, because we've been OUTSIDE!

Ah, fresh, lovely air, how I've missed you.

Saturday was beautiful and in the 60's, so it was declared Playground Day. When we got in the car to go, Jonah was on the edge of a nap, fussing and angry, but by the end of the short drive, he'd blessedly fallen asleep. As I parked, Elijah jumped out of his seat, and before I knew what was going on, I heard "HI LITTLE GUY, HI LITTLE GUY, HI LITTLE GUY!".


"Elijah, is Jonah awake?"

"Well, he was asleep, and was closing his eyes, his eyes are open..." (Said with great amazement, as if no one could have been as surprised as he was.)

Hard, long look at Elijah....deep, cleansing breaths (I knew that prenatal Yoga would be good for something)...

Right then. I gathered the playground necessities, and, one arm feeling like it would snap off with Jonah-in-carseat and the other holding hands with unwilling-to-walk-a-straight-line-Lavella, walked the very short (but seemingly endless) half-block to the playground. (Andrew and Elijah bounded ahead up an embankment, taking a "short-cut", and this did not fly with Lavella.)

This is what Jonah looked like by the time we got to "my" bench under the tree.

Distinctly displeased.

I draped him with a blanket, and wiggled his carseat with my foot until he fell back to sleep.

Learning from recent playground trips, I brought reading material along with my knitting, which proved to be handy when I did need to finally nurse Jonah, but I actually did get in about an inch of sock.

It's nice to have a moment to breathe.

Elijah has these occasional urges to be very parental with Lavella, and he takes her hand and gently leads her around, showing her things as though she's never witnessed them before ("And now we're going to go down a slide Lavella, do you see the slide?")

For those of you who live in parts of the world that are still playing at winter, here's a flower for you.

Lavella said you could have it.


a.susie said...

Thanks for the flower Lavella! It's beau-ti-ful!
What a wonderful day! It was cold and decidedly nasty here...big surprise! I enjoyed your vicariously. Well...not the Jonah getting woke up part...but the rest sounded pretty good...

Anonymous said...

We're supposed to get snow tomorrow and Wednesday! Enough already. The flowers won't know what to do.


Mom2Zoey said...

Thanks! We got about 2 inches of snow today. Fun Fun! Blah!

a.susie said...

To me Jonah looks the most like I remember Greg looking as a baby...might be just me, but...