Thursday, May 06, 2010

Mother's Day tea party

This past weekend, Greg sent me off to Maryland to a Sheep & Wool Festival for my birthday while he stayed behind to have his own adventures with the children.  If you want to read about my trip, you can click on over to my knitting/spinning blog.  However, if you'd rather not look at endless shots of yarn and unspun wool and read all about FIBERARTSBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH, then stay right here for a recap of today's Mother's Day Tea in Andrew's classroom.

For several weeks now, Andrew and his classmates have been working on gifts and songs in preparation for a special tea party, so this morning, Andrew bounced out of bed, bursting with unsaid secrets.

After waiting outside of Andrew's classroom for a few minutes, the children came out to escort each mother in -- each child formally introducing their mom as "Mrs. X".  We were then seated at their class tables, which had been decorated with special personalized place mats, crepe paper corsages, and flowers.


 We had fruit, muffins and iced peach tea, and then the children presented us with the gifts they had made:


We played a little game of "guess which photo your child drew of you".  I surprised myself by choosing correctly on the first try (the above "I love my mom" drawing)...although in comparison to all of the other drawings, this one had the highest forehead, so I suppose it wasn't all that difficult... :)

 Apparently, I'm 3 feet tall, and weigh 40 pounds.  :)


Here's my favorite page from the little "hat" book:


Translation: "You better clean up or the big bad monster will get you".  I've never said this, but Andrew thought it was a good joke.

A framed painting:


At the end of the party, the children sang us some Mother's Day songs, which was very cute (although Andrew was obviously trying to be Very Good and ended up pulling off a zombie effect.)  You can see his little girlfriend Clara bouncing up and down with the blond ponytail to the left.  Her best friend is Anna, the girl in the light purple dress, and the three of them seem to be nearly inseparable in school.

When the party was over, Andrew showed us their class creatures/pets and living projects, consisting of tadpoles, frogs, turtle, fish tank, hamster, guinea pig, metamorphosing monarch caterpillars, and a jar of bean sprouts:






Elijah brought home his additions to the Mother's Day Gift Pile:


Can you hear that?  That is the sound of my heart bursting.

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