Sunday, September 12, 2010


Last week, I finished up a button-down sweater-shirt that I'd been working on (well, mostly NOT working on) for the past two years.


(More pictures and details on my knitting blog if you happen to be someone who cares about that sort of thing)

After such thin yarn and small needles, I decided that I needed something thick and quick.  So I grabbed a skein of fun handspun (which I spun a few months ago), and cast on for this crazy scarf:



It was flying along, and I was enjoying every part of the project (One Row Handspun Scarf) -- mindless, relaxing, fun!  But...well, this is where the story gets a little sketchy.  Take a quick look at the little face below.


She's either being smug or sweet, I can't tell.

Anyway, on Thursday after nap time, Lavella and I began having something of a...challenging day.  She had been practicing her Little Girl Scream, which I have a zero tolerance for (a good shout is fine on occasion, but the ear-splitting, glass-shattering shriek?  Not in this house.), and had shredded the cover off of her favorite board book (Good Dog, Carl), as well as other grievances which thankfully, I don't still remember.  It was the last straw when, in the evening as I was running out the door to Knit Night, I discovered that MY NEEDLES HAD BEEN PULLED OUT OF THE SCARF.  This was not an emergency, but I was still upset.  The children all know that one of the most important rules of this house (according to me) is DO NOT TOUCH MOMMY'S KNITTING.  EVER.  I confronted her about it, and she started crying and said she was sorry.  It was only when I actually arrived at Knit Night that I discovered:


The end of one needle had been CHEWED OFF.  And the teethmarks in the wood were pretty small, indicating that either she or Jonah had snacked on it.

It was not until the next day that I discovered the truth (or possibly the truth.  With these little people, it's hard to be sure.)  In passing conversation the next day, she calmly told me about how Elijah had pulled my needles out, and then Jonah had "tried to draw with them", and then "tried to eat them".  And yes, I did have some strong words with Elijah later on that day about letting someone else take the heat for your own mistake.  He MAY have learned his lesson.

Overall, Thursday was so stressful with all of the misbehaviour and destructive action (disciplining each time, but seemingly with no change), so I knew what we needed to do on Friday: An intensive Lavella and Mommy cuddle/fun day.  I shelved all of my projects and plans for the day, and we played with play dough, colored, built blocks, and then when Jonah went down for his nap, I kept her up for a little while, gathered her into my lap with a quilt around us, and we read some books together, just the two of us.  As I tucked her into her bed for her nap a little while later, she looked up at me with the sweetest, most satisfied face -- the face of a little girl who knows how loved she is.  And I knew that it had been a day well spent.  Her nap that day was long and deep, and she woke up in a beautiful mood.  Peace, my friends.  You simply can't put a price on it.

P.S. I've got new needles on order, and I'll be able to resume work on the scarf next week.  Because I know that you were worried.

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