Saturday, August 27, 2011

Feathered Fascinators

Two weeks ago, Greg was out at a late-night rock show, so I invited a few girlfriends over for an evening making Feathered Fascinators (hair-clip/accessories).

Feathered Fascinators (Hair Clips)

We made a great big mess of the living room rug (holy heck, feather bits float EVERYWHERE), but it was superfun!  We were each able to knock out a whole handful of fascinators in just an hour or two.  (It was late and there was no natural light to photograph by when we were done, so all of these are just mine -- but collectively, we made a lot!)

Feathered Fascinators (Hair Clips)
For me

Feathered Fascinators (Hair Clips)
For Lavella

I love wearing feathers in my hair.  It feels so glamorous and unnecessary and fun.  I love playing dress-up in real life.  Next, I want to try experimenting with silk flowers!

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Jrsivers said...

Those are super cute!  I too am thinking about making headbands with silk flowers.  I saw some flowered headbands in Walmart for about 7 bucks and thought, "I can make those!"  I plan to make some for my daughter for her birthday next month.