Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New babies and mohawks

Early yesterday morning, my friend Becca gave birth to her third girl, sweet little baby "C":

Meeting tiny baby "C", Chris and Becca's baby

All of my babies have been so large (the smallest was Elijah who was 9 lbs, and the largest was Lavella, weighing in at 10-1/2 lbs), so when we went to the hospital to visit yesterday, it was quite a novelty to hold such a petit little person (5lbs, 14oz).

Jonah fell asleep on the way home from the hospital, so when we got home, he decided his nap was over.  Not so good.  However, he got the thrill of helping me spin on my spindle while we waited for Lavella's school bus to arrive.

Spindle spinning while waiting for Daisy's bus

Spindle spinning while waiting for Daisy's bus

I shaved Jonah's mohawk off today, but here's one last picture that I took of my two Summer Mohawk Boys last week before we did school haircuts:

Mohawk brothers

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