Wednesday, September 04, 2013

DIY necklace board/organizer

For a while now, I've needed a solution to making sense of my necklace and headband collection.  After considering many options, and putting the project off for many months....I realized I had been making it waaaay more difficult than it needed to be.

Jewelry Board in progress

Jewelry Board in progress

After painting the frame (2x) with flat white paint, I used a flat head screwdriver to tuck the edges of the fabric between the frame and corkboard.  Then I used a finishing nail and hammer to make small holes on the top and bottom, and finally screwed small cuphooks into the holes.

The row of large yellow pegs my headbands are hanging on are actually these giant pushpins I found at WalMart.  (P.S. I now have way more headbands on those pegs!)

jewelry board

(Sorry this finished picture sucks -- couldn't find my camera, and took this while on drugs after surgery with my phone, so.....damn, I'm a good photographer!)  ;-)

Super glad to finally have this done, and I love having all of my jewelry organized and ready to wear -- makes accessorizing so much easier, and this way I don't have any forgotten pieces stuffed into a box somewhere.  Yay!

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