Saturday, August 12, 2006

Germany Update

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So, not that it matters a whole lot to most of you, since Germany is Germany, regardless of where we’ll actually be stationed, but we have a change in assignments. I was initially on orders to report to the 21st Theater Support Command, in Kaiserslautern, which is on the southwest side of the country, in the region of Rheinlandpfalz. The 21st is the main logistics depot for all US Army units in Germany. Earlier this week, 1st PERSCOM (this, I’m sure, means nothing to you) has changed my assignment to the 1st Armored Division, in Baumholder, which is still in the region of Rheinlandpfalz, but looks to be about 30 minutes or so northwest of Kaiserslautern. I will likely be assigned to a Forward Support Battalion, within one of the armored brigades. The Forward Support Battalion basically serves as the primary logistics and equipment repair battalion for an armored brigade. Second Brigade, the one I’m most likely headed to, consists of: Two mechanized infantry battalions, one armored battalion, one field artillery battalion, one engineer battalion, one cavalry troop, one military intelligence company, one signal company, one military police company, and one forward support battalion (where I’ll likely be going).

Here are answers to a few questions, I’m sure some of you have:

-When will we be coming home? I don’t know because we’re waiting to receive our passports, which we applied for yesterday (August 10th). It is a two-week process before we’ll receive the passports back in the mail. The reason we have to wait until they come back is because the Army won’t cut our airline tickets until they see our passports. And without tickets I can’t sign out on leave to come home.

-Will we come home for Christmas? Probably not. A partial reason is because we will not receive our household goods shipment until October, and will just be getting settled by December. The other reason is that Hannah will be living in England, and isn’t coming home for Christmas, so we’ll be able to be each other’s home away from home.

-How long will we be over there? Three years.

-Will I be deploying? I have no idea about the Army-wide deployment schedules, but if we’re staying for three years, I’m sure I’ll be deployed somewhere.

-Are we looking forward to going? Well, let’s just say, I’m trying to be positive about the whole move. We’re only going to Germany because the other choice was Korea, and that is an unaccompanied tour (no family). I didn’t want to go to either place. All I have to say is that Germany had better be really, really great to make it worth the hassle of moving our entire lives over there, and possibly significantly lowering our standard of living from what it is now. I know that it’ll be a great experience, but it has definitely been quite a hassle for many reasons. Faith says I’m too pessimistic about the move, which is definitely true. So, right now, I’m just trying to put on my happy face. I'll hopefully get to see some bands I've never seen before so that's one upside.


a.susie said...

yeah, honestly it seems like such a huge move for such a relatively short time.
just a word on the pessimissim though...remember that sometimes you need to voice those things in order to work through your own frustrations about the whole...the whole, "get in out rather than bottling up" thing. Just a thought...

Sarah said...
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Pinkey the Axe Fairy said...

yeah, i definitely can't be accused of bottling anything up. faith has been enduring my gripes for three weeks now.


Megan from Ft. Drum said...

faith- just a couple little tips from a friend that was in germany, first try to get ahold of the test book for your licence, I wish I had the chance to study it before getting there. Also you might want to think about buying some of the teach yourself german cd's to listen to in the car... I learned alot of german and it helped so much. Also if you get the chance please go to Garmisch, it is beautiful and there are so many things to do there, emial me and I will give you a few tips on places to visite. And last most posts there have playgroups, they are a great place to meet other moms/kids, that is where I made most of my good friends. Good luck over there and enjoy it, the 3 years will go by so fast!
MEgan from Ft. Drum