Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Well. Yesterday Greg was finally able to talk with someone from our new branch (can't remember who this person is, but they have information and power to place Greg in this place or that.)

The guy, suprisingly, said that Greg didn't have to train to be a Quartermaster right now. He can worry about that later. Instead, he will go to his next duty station to command a company. The only two available spots for that are...(ready?) Korea or Germany.

Greg didn't like either option, but after hanging up with the guy and talking with me, he called the guy back and said that we'd take Germany.

Later on in the day, we got the advanced assignment instructions, which means that the order has been put in, and Greg is going to get his official orders today or sometime this week.

Our report date for Germany is September 15th, so we're going to try and move out of here by the end of the month so that we can have some time to visit with our families up North before we leave.

I would type more about how I'm feeling about this and what our immediate plans are and such, but the boys need breakfast and I need to get us ready to go to the gym shortly, so Greg or I will give you all more updates later.


sarcy said...

Wow. Viel gl├╝ck!

Belated congrats on your anniversary...I was thinking of your lovely wedding the other day.

Sarah said...


a.susie said...

Yeah, Greg's Dad told us yesterday. My first thought was about how far away you all would be and how much we would all miss you. My second thought was, "Susie! What are you thinking?! Email??? Blogs???'ll stay in contact!"
My third thought was, "Oh my gosh! Faith will be in knitting heaven! They have some FINE textiles in Europe!" Our fourth thought was Gary's offering...Greg being in the undisputed metal music capital of the world! Sara is already planning all her questions and info she's going to glean from him while he's over there!'ll be a great experience. Before we were married Gary was offered a position for possibly a year in London to help prepare, train people, and open the first Apple Store in England. If we had been able to get everything in our lives together at that time we would probably have taken it. It was just too soon.

Joycee said...

Faith, how long will you guys be stationed in Germany? =(

And if you are going to visit Binghamton, when do you think you will be there? I might be in there at the end of August and I would love to see you!

Pinkey the Axe Fairy said...

a. susie,

yeah, faith has already started a knitting meet-up group in kaiserslautern, and some of our friends who've been there say that there are yarn shops on every corner.
regarding the music scene, it will be a little sad that i won't be able to see a lot of the bands that i like here, but i will hopefully be able to see a lot of band i've never seen before. i have already started looking for music venues in the city, and also different european tour stops of some the bands i like.

Pinkey the Axe Fairy said...


because we're an army-at-war right now, we don't really know how long we'll be there. it's definitely not considered just a deployment, like going to afghanistan. we'll actually be stationed there, so who knows. we spent four years at fort drum.
regarding us coming home, as of right now (Aug. 3rd), we have nothing nailed down, regarding our taking leave to come to binghamton. we are thinking that the earliest we'd be able to come would be the first week of Sep.

love -joy- peace said...

Woah, this is crazy. I didn't expect you guys to leave until at least after Thanksgiving! Well, nothing is deffinate in the army, so I'm not surprised. Just, wow...

I hope we can see you guys soon!