Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Snapshots of my week

Interestingly enough, even though Andrew spends most of his time with me, his accent strongly reflects Greg's. Examples of the way Greg says things: "forest" (four-est), "orange" (or-ange), "chocolate" (chak-late), "forehead" (four-head).

Earlier this week, Andrew fell down and bumped his head on the floor pretty hard. He was crying and came to me. I asked him what was wrong. "I hurt my two-head" (I know some of you still haven't "gotten" it, so let me help: put this together with the above paragraph, and you'll see where Andrew made his "numerical" error.)

Elijah has been coming out with things lately, sometimes repeated phrases, sometimes offered up of his own accord.

The little man had been playing by himself for a while, which usually means that he was working on a little gift for me. I looked in the back of his diaper, and he offered the answer "No poop" (the phrase was a little more mangled than that, but totally understandable).

The other day I was trying to fix something while holding Elijah. It wasn't working. "Oh shoot." I said. I heard an echo "Oh shoot."
"Elijah, did you just say 'oh shoot'?"
He looked at me with a huge, crooked grin, one eye squeezed shut and then "Oh shoot."

Two days ago I was preparing a bottle for Mr. E's nap, and started calling to him so that he'd be in the kitchen by the time the bottle was done. There were no answering footsteps, and I realized that I hadn't heard him in a little while. Once the bottle was set, I went to find him. He still wouldn't respond when I called, but finally I found him in the shower (water turned off, thankfully), busily stuffing bits of rice cake down the drain.

How many times can two little boys pee in one bath? I think the record is 5 times for Elijah and 3 for Andrew, to date. I don't even drain it anymore. If they've peed "too many times" though, I'll usually rinse them off one last time under the shower afterwards. Also, Elijah has recently taken to pooping in the bath, which is fantastic. He is utterly unconcerned by this, and doesn't even seem to notice, although Andrew thinks it's really nasty. Of course I drain it (and rinse the tub and Elijah) after that. Little boys and their baths. Always an adventure.


Mom2Zoey said...

Ha! Zoey has only pooped in the tub once, when she was less than a year. I am pretty sure she would freak out if she did now. She is pretty sensitive about poop or pee being anywhere than in her diaper. It sounds like giving the boys a bath is quite an adventure. ~A

Anonymous said...

oh, they are so funny! =-D
Monkey always says "i hear my tillery" when the artillery fires and you can hear it at our house. "my tillery, not your tillery". too funny. miss ya.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA!! I needed a good laugh today. Your boys are so adorable and we miss them (and you and Greg) so much! I'm glad to hear you're all adjusting well to your new home.


a. susie said...

Oh Faith! I can't TELL you how much I needed a laugh tonight! And the two little spuds always seem to good for one! Thanks!

a. susie said...

...that was supposed to be, "always seem to BE good for one"...

Sarah said...

Nice- I'm so glad they are learning the CORRECT way to say things. Boo to New Jersey. (I know, now I'm going to get Roselle hate mail every day)

Pinkey the Axe Fairy said...

I know, SERIOUSLY! So what now, do they pronounce, "foremost, foreground, and forerunner" with the prefix "far-", in New Jersey? Or even useless words like "foreshank"? I mean, even the useless words deserve a little pronunciation respect.

love -joy- peace said...

You poor souls are just jealous that we're so much cooler than you in every way.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to drink cough-fee with ahre-enges while brushing my far-est of hair out of my far-head.