Monday, February 26, 2007


Now, it takes a lot to get me seriously worried, but waking in the night to hear Elijah coughing and gasping for air is one thing that will. Three nights ago he came down with something that turned into a fever, and now Andrew has it too. They only had me up twice last night, which is an improvement, but I'm still exausted. Mostly it's the whining that's getting to me now, since it's apparent that they're on the mend. Oh. My. Gosh. Repetitive whining seems to be the name of this particular sickness, and while I feel bad, getting a brain-feed of toddler angst is less than stellar for the sanity of the mind.

We've been watching videos and knitting,
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throwing rocks in the stream,
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and taking walks that end with pretzles.
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I was supposed to record my podcast today, but my brain is fried. The midwife is coming today in about a half-hour. I've been meaning to post about her, and I will do so soon.

Speaking of the podcast, the boys have been joining me in the kitchen for the last two episodes, so if you want to feel like you've had a little visit with us, you can fast forward towards the end of those and listen in on our recipe time.

Also, I do still intend to share pics of our weekend in Kaiserslautern, but...

I think we're all going to try to get a little more of this accomplished first.
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Mom2Zoey said...

Sorry you guys have been sick. HUGS! Thanks for all the nursing info. Things have been going a lot better. ~A