Monday, June 23, 2008

Jersey Shore

Thank you to everyone for the congratulations!  Answers to some questions from the comments:

Joycee -- I'm nauseous and tired, but since I've been back at my mom's, I've actually been able to eat again (haven't been doing much of that for the last 2 months or so.)

Sarcy -- We plan to be in the States until early September...sadly, I don't think that we'll be able to see you.  But if anything changes I'll let you know!

Beka -- Yes, the boys are very excited.  It's cool that they're old enough now to understand, so we can anticipate each new development together.  We talk about the baby a lot, and they can't wait until they can feel it kick.  (I've been able to for several weeks now!)


Last week we were at a friends house (VJ) who had a sandbox, and my boys loved it.  It kept them occupied and happy for so long, and I decided that we needed to get one for my parent's house too.  When I got home, my mom told me that a neighbor had called and offered their Mr. Turtle sandbox and swingset/slide!  A few days later, my dad loaded up Andrew and Elijah in his truck and they drove down to pick them up.

There have been many happy hours spent in the backyard since in the past week.

Rachel and Joel especially have been incredibly helpful with the children since I got here.  I took this picture after Rachel had just hiked up the hill in the backyard with Elijah on her back.  I'm not sure that I could have done that!

Yesterday we packed everybody up and took a roadtrip down to the Jersey shore.  We're going to spend a week here; a friend is lending us their gorgeous beach house.

The trip was (sadly) less than relaxing, since Elijah was in rare form and terrorized everyone for almost every minute of the drive.  (We've been having some behavioral troubles since Greg left.)  Here are two shots of some happier moments, watching videos on my iPod and laptop:

I sincerely hope that our trip back will be more peaceful. 

Last night we went to this inexpensive seafood place where you can eat out on the dock -- delicious, noisy, and perfect for our huge crew.  Today we plan to spend some time on the beach.  More pictures to follow!
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