Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Splashing fun on the Jersey Shore

Well my friends, if you keep coming back to the blog this week, it can only be for one reason -- more beach pictures.  If you're all done with looking at more (and yet, even more!) pictures of us playing in the water, then go away and don't come back until next week.  There's nothing more to see here!  =)

Last night my dad made fantastic spicy Lobster FraDiablo and we had Aunt Mary Ann and Uncle Bob over for dinner (they live about an hour from here).  We had a lovely visit with them, as usual, and my dad and I made Tiramisu for dessert, which was a sweet finish to it all.

Tonight for dinner Hannah took me out for my birthday (I know, a tad late, but that's how we roll 'round these parts), and we had a rollicking good time as only two pregnant girls can.

Oh, and for anyone who wanted to know, Hannah's due on July 12th.

So, for the latest and greatest of our vacation pictures:

(The first picture of all of us together in quite a while, I think.  Andrew's head is hiding behind Lavella.)

I love it when water droplets are perfectly frozen in a picture.

Rescuing Lavella from the waves.

I love their shared anticipation of the waves; both of their little bodies are tensed for the next one rushing in.

Little sand monster.

Greg asked for pictures of me from this vacation, so I had Joy take some today.  Please excuse the plethora of Faith And Lavella pictures -- this is partiularly for Greg's benefit.

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