Friday, June 20, 2008

A very little (tiny) announcement

Meet Thumbkin.

Thumbin is due to arrive at Christmas.

This ultrasound was taken in Germany when he/she was 10 weeks along.  We'll be rounding the corner of week 14 in a few days.
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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Faith! How are you doing?


sarcy said...

GASP! And also congratulations! You fertile family!

I have a picture of "Blobby" that looks just like that bottom one!

I enjoy knowing that we are again in the same country and have been thinking about you a lot. I'm going to be right in your area around the beginning of October...will you still be here?

beka said...

Wow!!! Congrats!! Hope your feeling okay! Are the boys excited? It was so much fun this time with Judah old enough to understand.

Anonymous said...

Congraulation! I was just thinking of you the other day wondering if you'll have baby #4 when Greg get home and what ya know you're expecting! God is faithful as He continue to bless you and Greg with children galore!! I'll be praying for you guys during your pregnancy.

God Bless, Kathy Williams

Anonymous said...

Congrats Faith! I love watching your "little"family grow into a not so little family..I'll hopefully be up there soon God willing..take care,

PS. How long will you be in the states?

MA said...

OOHHHH FUN!!!! I am SOOOO happy for you crazy folks! I love you! Congrats! Love "Thumbkin"! xo

Anonymous said...

Wow! Congratulations!

Love to all,

Chase and Amanda

Shannon Wells said...

Congratulations Faith! Due around Christmas Yea! Maybe you'll hit my birthday of the 24th. ;P I hope this pregnancy goes very smoothly.