Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Let it snow

Is there a less original title for a blog post?  I think not.  Now that we've cleared that up...

In the two German winters we've experienced so far, we have had but one or two light dustings of snow, which have melted so quickly that I'm not even sure we made it outside in time to make footprints.  This past week, much to the delight of my children, we've gotten some Actual Snow.  In these photos it doesn't look like much, but it actually stuck around for a whole day!  Another morning we woke up to a few inches of wet snow. 

Each snowfall hasn't lasted more than about 24 hours, but we've managed to have some fun in it anyway.  Since I have no choice but to run certain errands like, you know, buying food and such, I've had to practice driving in possibly slippery conditions.  I guess that's good for me, but I am not AT ALL excited about it.  (I used to be perfectly fine driving in the snow, but since I've totaled two vehicles on slippery roads -- the second time with baby Andrew in the car -- I've had this terrible fear of it and won't even go out in it.  Not that we've lived anywhere recently that's even had snow to speak of, but still, snow-driving is probably not a very good skill to lose.)

Anyway, here are the little people, jumping (and biking) in the snow (notice the tongues fully extended and the feet hovering over the ground).

In continuing with my Sweater For Me obsession, here's the latest in my line of brand new knits:

Andrew took these pictures this afternoon.  He's been showing a great interest in photography lately, so recently I taught him to hold down the shutter trigger half-way down to focus before completing a shot. 

For this set, I had the camera set up on a tri-pod while he stood on a chair behind it.  This was so much easier than using the timer like I usually do.  He loves to "be a very good helper", as he says, and he actually is!

Here's the little photographer.
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a.susie said...

Oh my goodness! How completely full of joy they look! Especially with the "hovering" shots. And could Lavella's cheeks BE more apple-ish?!
I absolutely love the sweater! It makes me want to learn to do that just so I can HAVE that sweater! That color is one of my favorites as well. You look beautiful! Great job on the photography Andrew!
Have a great Thanksgiving!!!!

Christian said...

Awww... little photographer like his daddy!

And you look 1,000x better than I do currently and I'm not pregnant! :) You look great girl!

The Kansas City Hoovers said...

We haven't seen a single snow flake this year yet. The boys are hoping there will be a lot of snow when we go home for Christmas. You are amazingly talented. Your sweaters are better than the ones in stores.

Mom2Zoey said...

4-5 is a great age. I am really enjoying Zoey! She is a big help, usually.
We have about 18" of snow right now. It isn't fun!