Monday, November 10, 2008

Look who's here!

Friday morning, Jonathan flew into Germany, in-processed at his new post about 3 hours from here, then got on a train to our town.  He made it to our house at around 2am Saturday morning, and the children were beside themselves with excitement as they waited until it was "late enough" in the morning to wake him.

Today we did some shopping on post, but most importantly, we brought him to a Kebap place for his very first Döner kebap. 

They're kind of like a gyro (same meat on a spit, shaved off for each order), but on a flatbread, and the meat and bread are grilled like a panini before being stuffed with vegetables and sauced.

I knew that he might be coming this weekend, and he's been asking me for a hat for about two years now, so I quickly knit him one, and managed to finish it before he got here.

I especially like the squares at the top:

This is not related at all, but here's Lavella being ridiculous:

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The Kansas City Hoovers said...

Well done on the knitting!!!

Page Brook Golden Retrievers said...

was that that kurdish place that you took me? i want one of those doners...


Sarah said...

yay, Jom! I saw him for like .5 seconds at your mom's party and he looks so old now... I'm glad you slept well and he gave you peace!

a.susie said...

I LOVE it when kids are ridiculous!