Sunday, December 28, 2008

All is well, all is bright

This Christmas was wonderful.  Greg came home for R&R (still has about 1 week left), Jonah was born, and Jonathan came to spend a few days with us.  Here are pictures of some of the highlights -- click here for the whole set.

At the children's request, we had a "birthday party" for Jonah the day after he was born.  Whipped cream studded with blueberries, and a candle for each of us to blow out (including Jonah).  Lavella was a little worried about her candle though and the boys had to help her blow the flame out.

Christmas Eve dinner, Jonathan's Spaghetti Bolognese -- buttery and rich with red wine.

Greg found our biggest tree yet -- this one measured just over 13 feet.

Christmas breakfast -- baked donuts

Perfect with coffee or a cold glass of milk

Sunglasses kids on Christmas morning

Jonathan had been lusting after our Wustoff knife set, so we started him out with a Chef's knife and kitchen shears.

Greg's parents gave the children a bunch of art supplies, including markers.  Thankfully, they are washable.  Lavella disappeared at some point during the day, and Greg found her like this:

Later on we discovered there was more hidden art as well:

Jonathan and Greg prepared Christmas dinner and let me take a much needed afternoon nap

They made Pana Cotta and Zabaglione for dessert

We hope that you, too, had a wonderful Christmas, and hope the best for you in the new year.

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a.susie said...

Oh my, your Christmas looks SO beautiful...every detail! Especially the "Daddy in attendance" detail! Thanks for sharing it. The food sounds amazing!!!

a.susie said...

oh!...and I love the whipped cream studded with blueberries birthday desserts. That would be Hunters idea of a real treat. If asked if would like a bowl of peaches with whipped cream (or any other dessert) he immediately exclaims yes, and then casually adds that he'd like his without the peaches. He's not being funny...he's totally serious and views that as a reasonable request!

The Kansas City Hoovers said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas!