Wednesday, December 31, 2008


As a Christmas gift, Keith gave the children paints (washable, thank God), and wooden boards for each of them to create an art piece on.  With Greg's supervision, they painted together a few days ago:

At some point, Lavella decided that it was just a better idea to paint herself:

This ended with a bath for everyone.

Jonah couldn't participate in the fun, but he did rock his very first band t-shirt (Demon Hunter):

Tonight, there will be firecrackers, sparklers and fire breathing on the menu.  The children are so excited!  Have a wonderful and safe New Year, everyone!
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Your family photographer for all seasons of life! said...

love it. i can see greg now! happy new year to one of my most favorite families on earth!

Mom2Zoey said...

Delaney and Zoey want to know why they can't paint themselves too. Ha!